Tempe has the lowest recycling rate in Arizona

Tempe has the lowest recycling rate in Arizona at "roughly 11 percent" (Howard). One of the major contributors to this problem are college students living in off-campus apartments with few recycling opportunities. Mackenzie Paul, a student who lives near Arizona State University, "often throws recyclable items down the trash chute for convenience" (Howard). Living on the fifteenth floor, it is inconvenient for him to traverse the steps for a mere piece of paper. Even though Paul does recycle larger items, he, along with many other college students, trash rather than appropriately dispose of recyclables. Among other students in the same predicament, Paul believes that he and his roommate recycle more. Ashley Camhi realized the extent of the problem while working out; she learned that the local gym did not recycle.

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Dating in London

Finally, after about twenty minutes of indecision, thanks to the enormous number of benaughty reviews, we depended on dolmers and poultry and pistachio rice balls from a Lebanese (possibly?) Stall and goat's cheese and aubergine tartlets from another stall. We took down the picnic to a seat by the river and sat chatting in the shade, while London wilted at the thirty degree heat.

After we'd finished lunch we walked down to the Udderbelly Festival. This year the coral inflatable stage is tucked amongst trees woven with fairy lights and coloured lanterns.

Finally Towts showed me a Cuban Bar he had found whilst to the treasure hunt.