Dating in London

Finally, after about twenty minutes of indecision, thanks to the enormous number of benaughty reviews, we depended on dolmers and poultry and pistachio rice balls from a Lebanese (possibly?) Stall and goat's cheese and aubergine tartlets from another stall. We took down the picnic to a seat by the river and sat chatting in the shade, while London wilted at the thirty degree heat.

After we'd finished lunch we walked down to the Udderbelly Festival. This year the coral inflatable stage is tucked amongst trees woven with fairy lights and coloured lanterns.

Finally Towts showed me a Cuban Bar he had found whilst to the treasure hunt.

Before we had met, I had joked with Towts he would be a'bar setter' for the challenge, as he had been this early date. Ironically, it turned out I was also a bar-setter that day, and if anything, Towts warrants'serial dater' standing more than I do, since that evening he had a date at the C4 First Dates restaurant lined up! He'll be on the show next Thursday (however will probably likely be on a date in the background of the dates that the show will be focussing on).

After the disappointment of Date One, Date Two was a real breath of fresh air, and the perfect reminder of why I am doing this challenge. Towts was intriguing, funny and well-travelled. We talked easily, and he had some very interesting and different stories to tell. It turns out why Alleycat believed him a fantastic date candidate is because he is doing his own set of challenges before his 30th birthday (in 2 years time).

We chatted about the struggle and the site, and he had been a real good sport about everything. He even agreed to have a (full size!) Image taken together with the Date Sign to your website!

My date with Towts reminded me of what it's like to backpack. Spending a day with a random stranger with heaps of intriguing stories, and researching a place at the exact same time. The date was fun and spontaneous, and London at a heatwave made it feel like we had been in a foreign nation.

Difficult to pin-point the high amounts just yet, as I do not know what's to come, so I'll go for a confident eight. Really fun, different date, unquestionably one that celebrates the spirit of this 30 Dates challenge. Towts was quite fun and good company, and a person who three hours talking to was nowhere near scratching the face of what an intriguing person I'm sure he's. Definitely someone I'd go on a second date or urge as a date for a buddy.