HBS Health Industry Alumni Association

The Harvard Business School Health Industry Alumni Association was established in November, 1999 to help bring together those who work in every part of the healthcare industry and in every part of the world.

HBS alumni are involved in some of the most exciting companies, research and breakthroughs in healthcare. This organization provides an organized forum for them to communicate, interact and exchange ideas to aid in professional development and ongoing learning.

The idea to launch this alumni organization was initiated by Beatrice Ellerin, MBA '95. Prior to the founding of this club, Harvard Business School had never had an industry-specific alumni association. Ms. Ellerin felt that just as the geographic HBS clubs bring graduates who live near each other in contact, the HBS Health Industry Alumni Association would enable healthcare industry alumni to meet and maintain contact more easily.

The rapid growth and success of the organization has validated this premise and led to the formation of other industry-specific organizations.

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